Albany Wheel & Exhaust
A l b a n y, O r e g o n

B and B is adding roll bars and cage to Jim Lindsay's land speed project. The car will be powered by a souped up model "A" engine prepared by B and B with machine work done by Dave and Brian at Albany's Carquest. The motor is backed up by a '39 Ford transmission and a V8 quickchange built by Hot Rod Works of Nampa. Jim narrowed and Z'd the model a frame to fit inside of the steel 27 T roadster body. The front axle is from an Anglia as well as the spindles and wishbones. He is going to run spindle mount dragster front wheels , a metal, lake's type nose, full hood and body cover to cheat the wind. It will compete in the V4F modified roadster class at Bonneville speed week in Wendover Nevada August 2010.

After Jim installed the nose and full hood.

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